Join our supportive community and become an inspiring leader.

In an industry built on physical appearance and materialism, it is easy to lose sight of WHO you REALLY are. Models are more than just "a pretty face". Their feelings and voices matter. Their authenticity and creativity must be encouraged.


We are here to inspire you to be a Role Model and stand for something in your life.

We are here to help you unleash your creative potential.

We are here to remind you of your authentic beauty that is inclusive of mind, body and soul.


We believe that through celebrating diversity, cultivating mindfulness and catalyzing leadership, models can impact society in truly meaningful ways.


Reclaiming Authentic Beauty Online Program

Reclaiming Authentic Beauty is a 4-week Deep Dive that will help you to get back in alignment with yourself and your true beauty that is inclusive of mind, body and soul.  We will create a daily practice of rituals that will nurture you with so much love and care that you can't help but remember that you are a Goddess.

Our workshops consist of a conscious dance  practice that connects you to your authentic self by listening to the profound wisdom of your body and allowing it to be expressed  through movement in your unique way.

We love to photograph the REAL you.  Our photoshoots guide you on a journey through the full spectrum of human emotions with the intention of capturing your authentic expression.

Authentic Embodiment 

 Workshops + Photoshoots

We love collaborating with like-hearted individuals and organizations.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much". - Hellen Keller