What if I told you that you could dance freely and joyfully without learning any particular style or technique? 

What if this dance connected you to the wisdom of your body and healed your soul?

What if through this dance you felt alive, open and free of judgment? 

Sounds amazing, right?


Authentic embodiment is a conscious movement practice that realigns one’s body, mind, heart, and soul into the wholeness of one’s being. It’s a remembrance of one’s wild nature, innate wisdom and soul’s purpose. It’s a celebration of one’s unique expression and connectedness with it all. We use breath, dance, sound, archetypal ritual masks, and art as the main elements to embody our authentic self.


“You absolutely CAN dance without any limitations! When you start listening to your body and allowing yourself to be curious, you open up to the creative energy that starts flowing through you. You become a life force who is always present, always embodied”, Kristina Block.


This practice is inspired by and includes teachings of myriad conscious movement modalities such as 5Rhythms, Soul Motion, Dancing Freedom, Azul and many others. It is open to everyone, regardless of physical ability, fitness or prior dance experience. 


The experience lasts for 2 hours. No alcohol, drugs or other stimulants are allowed. No talking (but plenty of non-verbal communication!). Just pure presence and openness to step into the delicious mystery of life and allow it to flow through you. 

What's included:

  • Opening circle

  • Group or individual intention setting

  • Guided visualization meditation

  • Guided movement practice

  • Closing circle


One-on-one session 60 min - 150 USD

Group classes - 25-45 USD per person depending on the event


Our photoshoots guide you on a journey through the full spectrum of human emotions with the intention of capturing your authentic expression. We love seeing you empowered, confident and fully expressed. We acknowledge your physical beauty and we create a safe space for your inner beauty to shine. We redefine the format of photoshoots by aligning everyone's vision and intention into one high vibrational result.


How we do it:

  1. Alignment process


  • Group intention setting to align the frequency everyone wants to convey (joy, love, authenticity, confidence, freedom, peace, presence, etc.)

  • Guided visualization/meditation to activate the intention

  • Guided movement or yoga practice to connect with the wisdom of one's body and move freely in front of the camera

   2. Creative Expression

  • We photograph you

   3. Delicious Nutrients 

  • Healthy lunch, water and beverages provided for cast and crew

   3. Sweet Fulfillment

  • Closing circle to share the experience and exchange words of appreciation

What's included:

  • 3 hours photo session with David Block

  • Meditation practice guided by David or Movement practice guided by Kristina

  • Lunch

  • 10 edited images

Book a session today and get a Free "Mindful Models Photoshoot Preparation" Guided Meditation.

Your investment - 700 USD