FREE Your Voice. EXPRESS Your Truth. EMBODY Your Soul. LIVE Your HeART Song.

Seven Week Series Includes:


  • 12.5 FYV course hours +

  • 1 private coaching session +

  • 2 lunar rituals + guest expert “MUSES” of embodied expression +

  • Co-written song experiences +

  • Daily tools, practices, and modules +

  • An intimately curated community of sisters and co-journeywomen +

  • Personalized satchel of gems and goodies to deepen and expand your experience +

  • An UNFORGETTABLE live experience where your heart and soul take the microphon

Tools and Practices:


  • Meditations, visualizations and practices to help unravel years of tension, grief, anger and trauma that have gotten lodged in the body

  • Practices to reunite your voice with your body, to ignite into your inner “Heartist”, and to more fully inhabit your chosen areas of expression in the world

  • Ongoing opportunities to reclaim your creativity; write spoken word pieces, poems, create engaging video posts, verses to self-love songs, etc

  • A collection of recoded modules that you can do on your own time to help activate areas of your heart, your imagination, and your creative spirit that have been lying dormant, and are ready to be rediscovered, turned on and expressed


Tangible Outcomes:


  • More comfort being sounds scary…but trust me it feels damn good

  • Capacity to transmute negative emotions into a catalyzing force for your creativity

  • More confidence singing in public, speaking your truth and powerfully sharing your message

  • Mastery of speaking to the opposite sex with power, clarity and ease

  • Deeper connection to your body’s wisdom, along with cues and clues to help you live a healthy congruent life; emotionally, physically, sexually, socially and spiritually

  • More fun and greater freedom using your voice

About Jess:

Jess Johnson a.k.a. Jess Magic is NOT a traditional voice coach. She’s also not a trained musician, or an opera singer or a pianist.  She is a Heartist. She is a steward of emotional freedom and a champion for creative liberation.  If you are reading this, most likely she came into your life to help guide you into intimacy, pleasure, and deep connection to your heart and soul…through the vehicle of your voice.  Jess is a shameless self-expresser and has nearly a decade of experience facilitating transformational leadership programs, ranging from women’s empowerment, to creative expression for entrepreneurs, to healthy relationships and sexuality for teens and adults, to the healing individual and collective wounds around sexual trauma.  She confidently plays the full range of the human emotional, spiritual, and creative experience, while teaching others to do the same.  “We don’t sing to be good, we sing to be FREE!”

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The Course starts June 13th and July 12th.


Your investment - 1,555 USD.