Kristina Block - Founder of Mindful Models/ Conscious Movement Facilitator/ Dancer/ Performance Artist/ Model/ Dj/ Designer at Stvrdust.


Kristina has been in the fashion and entertainment industries for over a decade. She has curated Russian fashion designers within the “Xolileley” platform and coordinated a wide range of events internationally.


In 2012, she moved to Bali where she started her modeling career. Although, the intention of immigrating to another country was to redefine her life and find true purpose. Through regular practice of yoga, meditation, dance and life coaching, Kristina recognized that dance is her true passion and a tool for personal transformation. Diving deep into exploration of the healing power of dance, Kristina created a conscious dance modality “Authentic Embodiment”, which helps people to tap into their unique way of moving freely.


In 2017,  she moved in NYC to bring together her experience in modeling and fashion, her passion in dance and a desire to create something bigger than herself.  That is how Mindful Models was born.


Kristina defines her purpose as expanding people’s capacity to connect and feel alive through dance and conscious living.  She loves seeing people empowered and passionate and encourages every human being to fully embody one’s authentic self and be an inspiring role model in the world of change.

David Block - Co-founder of Mindful Models/ Composer and producer at “The Human Experience”, “Gone-Gone Beyond” and “Semes”/ Photographer/ Inspirational Speaker/ Lifestyle Coach/ Activist.


David is constantly pushing the boundaries of live electronic music. Playing, composing, and conducting his own electronic symphony live on stage, his performance are brimming and layered with human emotion, world exploration, and sacred sounds. Whether performing by himself, or with with a life band, “The Human Experience” always delivers an emotionally charged show.


He also co-founded the artist collective/social movement "Slow Down" which celebrates creativity as our greatest human resource, reminds us of the simple elegance of "being" and aims to support arts programs around the world.


David unifies humanity by crossing cultural barriers with art and music. The arts are the universal languages that have the capability to speak to the core of every human on Earth. His intention with everything that he creates is to inspire others to unleash their own creative potential.

Alexandra Mathews - Content Manager in Mindful Models/ Yogi/ Writer/ Teacher/ Healer/ Performer/ Producer/ Visionary Creatrix/ Founder of Rising In Love Awakening/ Steward of the Earth/ Community Builder.

Alexandra serves as a transformational doula. She teaches yoga, meditation and mindfulness. She has been searching for truth by studying leadership, spirituality, metaphysics, temple arts and various other healing modalities for over a decade. One could say her quest for consciousness began at an early with her passion for acting. She has been acting all her life, fascinated by the depth and power of human emotion utilized for the sacred art of storytelling.

At 18 she began modeling and made a full time career for herself in Los Angeles, specializing in avant garde, theatrical productions. She has won several first place awards for several makeup and hair stylists for both IMATS and NAHA.

As her desire to play a more directorial role in her career, coupled with her natural gift for “weaving the webs” of community, she began producing and crafting her own visions for film & photoshoots. But her love for production didn’t stop there, in 2011 she birthed a new transformational festival Southern California focused on radical self-expression, community development and environmental sustainability.

Eventually her path led her to diving deeper into her spiritual training, becoming a certified hatha and vocal yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, sound healer and property clearer. She works under the umbrella of Rising In Love Awakening, a yoga, sound healing and holistic life coaching company she started in 2017.  One of her favorite groups of people to work with is teens, where she has specialized in drug rehabilitation programs.

“I am on a mission to create art that will awaken humanity’s fullest potential to manifest heaven on earth”. - Alexandra Mathews