"I am honored to have Rick as a team leader and offer you the VisionQuest online program, which transformed my life! I remember when I first heard about it, my whole being responded YES to it! I was READY to find my life purpose! I knew I had so many talents, skills and knowledge, but I didn't know how to bring everything together. By taking this program, I clarified my vision and Mindful Models was born! Are you ready to step into your magnificence and live your purpose?" - Kristina Block, Founder of Mindful Models.

You've achieved a lot of what you set out to achieve in your life... so wtf!!!

Is THIS all there is???

I mean, you've worked hard. And others think of you as successful.
But deep down you're not feeling fulfilled. You're lost. Just going through the motions. No real sense of purpose or meaning. 
Working just to make money has lost its thrill. You know by now that money without soul doesn't make you happy. 
You KNOW you have more to offer the world. Some greater calling. As cheesy as it sounds, you DO want to make a difference.

But you're not sure exactly what that calling is. 
What if you DID know? What if you knew what you were REALLY here to create with this precious life of yours?
Whether it's a purpose-driven business or rebrand, a work of art, a course, an event, an album, a book...
You are getting paid well to be yourself, do what you love, and profoundly help people. 
The first step towards this new authentic life is to leave behind your crazy mind, dive deep into your fearless heart, and reveal your life's Vision. 
This is the step that most personal growth programs skip.

This is exactly where the VisionQuest begins.


What You Get in the VisionQuest Online Program:


1.   28-day Online Challenge

2.   Monthly group Q&A call with Rick 

3.   Supportive community


What you'll learn:


• Your unique life's purpose

• What's truly important to you

• What success means to you

• What you really want from life

• What life really wants from YOU

• The most important dreams for the next phase of your life

• How powerful you already are and always have been.


About Rick:

Rick is a lifestyle coach/ Father of two kinds/ Surfer/ Facilitator of 40 VisionQuest Retreats.

He has a talent for asking just the right questions to help you clarify what you already knew - and take your life to the next level.


"My greatest wish for you is that you find YOUR version of this work that’s so fun and fulfilling that you would pay to do it. Except you’re the one that’s getting paid. And well. Because you are ALIVE while you’re doing it. You are channeling spiritual energy into physical form in exactly the way that you were designed to. People see it. People feel it. They are willing to pay you more than normal because this is your gift. And because it just feels amazing to be around you. You being you reminds THEM to be themselves, to be true to themselves. To do whatever they are truly called to do. I wish for you to get paid well to be yourself, do what you love, and profoundly help people. The VisionQuest process will help you find the clarity and courage to do this". - Rick.

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Your investment - 997USD.